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Today. Well actually these pics start from last night. I got an email about a girlie Dane named Nova who needs a home. Gah! I want her. Clinton isn’t sold.


Nora kept her panties dry all night —- don’t judge —- she’s been wearing a diaper at night even though she’s potty trained. Most nights it’s dry, but some it’s not and she’s been scared to do the panties all night long until last night! She chose to go with just panties and she rocked it!!

Waffle House for Brunch and more cuddles.

Wintery looking clouds after our trip to Kroger. I have meal planned for the week - hopefully 2 weeks. Tonight we had baked spaghetti and it was awesome. 4 cleaned plates and leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

Lilly is funny. She’s been such a great girl. She’s snoring right now while I’m eating pretzel crisps and peanut butter with no pants on. I’m glad she doesn’t mind.

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